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Bill’s new CD “Striking Balance” is a work of love, friendship and collaboration.  The record shimmers with an elegance that can only be borne of the heart.  Like your best friend, the record takes you to places you don't expect to go, but makes you glad you are there once you arrive. 

Banfield ensures that the conversation on this journey does not grow stale.  Once he has drawn you in, the music ensures that you hear the lesson.  With qualities like friendship, love, gratitude, and collaboration, anything can be achieved.  Banfield underscores this sentiment in the second half of the record which bridges the growing divide between traditional and contemporary jazz, proving that in this world of increasing division, there are opportunities for striking balances.

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Track List

  1. Come Out and Play (featuring Michael Burton)(Hayes/Banfield)**[click to listen]
  2. Striking Balance (Hayes/Banfield)** [click to listen]
  3. Smile Miles (Hayes/Banfield)**
  4. B-Hop (Banfield)
  5. Song for Earl (Banfield)
  6. Pleasing Thought (featuring Patrice Rushen)(Banfield)***
  7. Nardis (M. Davis arr. Banfield)
  8. Her Embrace (Banfield)
  9. Song for George (Banfield)
  10. Bill's Blue (featuring Billy Childs and Nelson Rangell) (Banfield) [click to listen]

Produced by Bill Banfield for B Magic Music, Inc.
**Produced by Morris Hayes for Ill Street Productions
***Produced by Michael Powell

Guitars:  Bill Banfield
Keyboards:  Morris Hayes, Patrice Rushen, Sanford Moore, Billy Childs, Bill Banfield
Drums:  Nathan Norman, Stokely Williams, Michael Baker, Tim Adams (drums and percussion)
Bass:  Joan Griffith, Al Turner
Winds:  Pete Whitman (saxes), Michael Burton (saxes), Nelson Rangell (flute), Anton Denner (saxes, flute), Dave Milne (saxes, flute), Don Byron (clarinets)
Brass:  Mark Ledford and Joe Cosgrove (trumpets), Jim Ten Bensel (trombone and baritone), Dean Sorrenson (trombone), Tom Wells (tuba)
Voices:  Patrice Rushen and Mark Ledford

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CD Artwork and photography by Kii Arens