The B- Magic Orchestra contains a variety of colors (strings, winds, brass) that allow director Bill Banfield to weave the concert experience together as one might hear a chamber-like jazz ensemble that swings. It is more a collective of instruments and players, independent colors that match, melt, rub, blend shift and shimmer. The ensemble is a sharing environment and the process of caress, subtle shaping, reach, and experiment is equally as important as “nailing it”.




The B- Magic Orchestra consists of the following members.

Director: William Banfield

Nathan Norman, drums

Pete Whitman, saxophones

Jeff Rinear, trombone

Dave Jensen, trumpet

Douglas Ewart, winds/percussion

Pam Ridgeway, piano

Rose Rinder, flute

Carolyn Boulay, violin

Bruce Thornton, woodwinds

Kathy Jensen, baritone sax

Jim Ten Bensel, trombone

John Ahearn, trumpet

Clay Pufahl, tenor sax

Laura Caviani, piano

Tom Wells, tuba  

Jeff Norquist, trumpet

Gary Raynor, bass